Originally created using a piece of tree, a set of trucks and wheels and kept together with some rusty nails, longboards have come a long way! Modern day boards are a basic surfboard/snowboard shape and are perfect for slides, carves and hills. They are completely different from normal skateboards and have a range of uses including; slalom racing, cruising, downhill racing and transport.

We have hand-picked some of the best all-round longboards to bring to you. We love the Karvstixs, with their modern trucks that make longboarding feel just like surfing (wetsuit optional!). The Santa Cruz longboard (much similiar to what your old skool parents skated but with a modern twist) and we also love the Budget priced Manual longboards, that are ideal for cruising and getting from place to place. Have any questions before buying? Feel free to shoot us off an email.

We also sell Lush skateboards but due to there hefty price tag we only order from our supplier as needed.


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59,99 €

D Street Polyprop Cruiser 3rd Gen Green/Yellow 23 IN

D Street has refreshed its renowned...
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79,99 €

D Street Polyprop Cruiser Tie Dye Multi 23 IN

The upgraded V2, now comes with a more...
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