There are two ways in creating a great design for skateboards: one is to leave it to an artist’s imagination and the other is by thinking about themes that would make a great linefor Skateboard products. In this blog post, we’ll show several ideas on what could make great designs for casino-themed skateboard decks.

This theme came to mind since skateboard tournaments and shows are becoming more and more popular in casino establishments all over the world. For example, in the US, there are now skateboard-themed parks in Las Vegas like the Hollywood Skate Park and SkateCity. In addition, there’s the annual Am Jam in Vegas where the event features skateboard demos and contests. If Ireland casinos will also feature skateboarding activities in the future, then these skateboarding designs would definitely be great!

Here are three, nifty casino-themed skateboard ideas:

777 skateboard

This is a good design for those who want to keep their decks simple yet stylish. 777 is a traditional reel arrangement on casino slots that provide great payouts when you get a single reel line. Cool, slick, and is a great gift for anyone who loves the 777 winning combination in slots!

Dream Machine

There are thousands of unique slots and anyone who frequents casinos will surely have at least one favorite machine. Searching the Internet for designs, it would seem that there are slot artworks that would appeal to the younger, skateboarding generation. For example, a slot developer going by the name IGT has slots featuring Star Trek and Ghostbusters. Alternatively, online slot host pocket fruity features multicolored games that would probably appeal to skaters who like to have their skateboard decks with shades of Reggae.

Four-leaf clover Leprechaun

What better way to make skateboards scream “Irish!” than incorporating a design about its famous leprechaun and four-leaf clover? They’re both being used as artwork themes in many slots, as can be seen in the leprechaun/clover image below. Show your love for the Irish folklore by combining these two designs on a skateboard deck!

Hopefully, the site will be able to provide more in the future. If you have any skateboard theme ideas, let us know on our contact page!