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Blazer Pro Scooter White/Red 100 MM Wheel Aluminium Core

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The awesome aluminium core Blazer Pro 100mm wheels are a great upgrade from plastic core wheels, and offer great value for money.  Available in a range of anodized aluminium core colours, with a white polyurethane (PU) outer. 

These wheels are suitable for any scooter that requires 100mm wheels including but not limited to:

  • Any Slamm scooter
  • Grit Flux, Extremist and Elite
  • MGP Beginner Pro, Mini, Pro/Base and Team Edition 
  • JD Bug Original, Pro Street, Pro Extreme, Pro X and MS-108
  • Razor Pro Lo and Blacklabel
  • Any Blazer Pro scooter
  • Roces Kook
  • Osprey Stunt


These wheels are not suitable for scooters that require 110mm wheels such as:

  • Grit Mayhem and Invader
  • MGP Ninja, Nitro and Nitro Extreme
  • Crisp Ultima
  • K2 Park Pro

Blazer Pro Metal Core 100mm Wheel Red x 1