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This weeks Video is the latest installment in the roger of the season series from Roger Skateboards. The new short sees Alex LeGolvan take to the streets, with his back catalog of obscure tricks, to soak up the last of the dry autumn streets before winter hits. Perhaps some inspiration for you...


There's been a lot of debate lately surrounding the issue of involving skateboarding in the Olympics. In the last few months, the discussion has moved from 'Should skateboarding be in the Olympics?' to 'When will skateboarding enter the Olympics?'.

This debate is close to many skaters' hearts as skating has always been something to defy the system and go against authority. But what will happen to the skating way of life if it has to conform to the Olympics strict code of conduct? A lot of skaters fear the sport will lost its individuality and become too mainstream.


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Buying a new skateboard for your child for Christmas or a birthday? It can be tough to know exactly what to buy. This article will walk you through some good options.

Beginners Skateboarders Buyers Guide - Some Good Suggestions

A "Complete" skateboard is one that comes fully built. A good quality complete skateboard for an adult will usually cost around €100, so most people don't want to spend that much on a six year old's new hobby!

So you just ordered your parts from the internet. It arrives, and you have no clue where all this goes. Well this guide will help you do it, and do it right.

What you will need

Before we can even get started you need to make sure you have all the right parts to do it. So your going to need a deck, a pair of trucks,a set of four wheels,8 bearings,One sheet of grip,Hardware(8 bolts and nuts). Of course to put it together your going to need tools. Your going to need a file knife and T-Tool.